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Transform your property's health and value with AI assisted maintenance management

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Features you'll love

  • Easy creation wizard

    Create a comprehensive 30 year maintenance plan using Commonview's easy to use setup wizard

  • Real-time reviews

    Commonview's Artificial Intelligence constantly reviews your plan to help ensure it stays accurate, comprehensive and up to date

  • Optimised cashflow

    Use Commonview's cashflow optimiser to help avoid funding shortfalls and excess build-up in your maintenance fund

  • Transparency and governance

    Manage unit shares and generate detailed breakdowns of financial projections and funding. Ensure financial data is available to current and prospective owners

  • Collaborate with professionals

    Create and manage the plan yourself; assign it to a building professional; or work in collaboration with your building surveyor and accountant to maximise efficiency and reduce cost

  • Workflow that puts you in control

    Manage changes and approvals of your LTMP; communication and updates; and dispute resolution with flexible workflow that puts everything under your control

  • Secure records management

    Store detailed records of meetings and decisions in a secure centralised location, and make it accessible to unit owners

  • Online meetings and voting

    Improve participation in meetings and voting by making it easier for members, including those residing overseas, to be involved without being physically present

  • Legal and compliance

    Get the tools and processes to make sure you are compliant with the Unit Titles Amendment Act 2022, and are prepared in the event of an MBIE inspection

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Commonview for bodies corporate

Are you a body corporate chairperson?

Developing a long term maintenance plan can often be an overwhelming and challenging task. Commonview was carefully developed to streamline this process, allowing for the fast and effortless creation of a highly accurate maintenance plan that meets all regulatory requirements.

Commonview uses artificial intelligence to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your building’s infrastructure and capital items and identify the appropriate activities to maintain them.

Whether you choose to manage the plan yourself; assign it to a building professional; or work in collaboration with your building surveyor and accountant - Commonview has the tools to support you.

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Commonview for consultants & professionals

Do you want to grow your business?

Are you an accountant, building surveyor or property manager looking to grow your business and become more profitable? Learn how Commonview can help improve efficiency, give you access to new clients and strengthen existing relationships.

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